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  Note: Please choose the baby clothes size based on age in months. Thanks                ..
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  Product Code: HB00170 Product name: baby jumping chair Packing method: color box Packing specification: 63*56*18CM Product specifications: 85*85*85CM Carton specifications: 58*39*65CM Outer box quantity: 2 boxes Gross weight: 18KGS Net weight: 16.5KG  ..
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  【Name】:Banana Teether(Optional with storage box/without storage box) 【Material quality】:banana(Food grade solid silica gel) Box(PP material) 【Specification】:Banana net weight is about 4g , The box is about 32g about 【Box regulations】:54*44*40CM    200 pcs/box   Notice: 1. This link is divided into two options: with box/without box. Please note. 2. The factory does not contain trademark and barcode outer packaging.           about that product: All products in this shop are sourced from our own factory and processed by the factory, so the price has a price advantage compared with other similar products, and the quality is guaranteed!                   About postage: Our shop is mainly traffic-based, with meager profits. In addition to the event statement, customers will generally bear the postage. Try our best to negotiate with the owner. We will try our best to find a suitable and cheap courier company and logistics company for you!                   About delivery: Our shop does not send out urgent items, except for special circumstances! Single order full1000From yuan or full500Mixed batch, when your one-time order amount is higher than3000Yuan, our company can reduce the shipping cost for you!Before shipment, the shipment will be reviewed according to the manifest to determine if there is any missing product, and then pack it! If you find that the delivery is less after receiving the goods, please contact us immediately to reissue the product!                   About Logistics: Generally, customers need to pick up logistics and freight. If our store activities promote logistics activities, generally go to logistics package logistics, but do not include the delivery fee(Except for negotiation)!                   About return and exchange: If you encounter product quality problems, we promise7Day return,14Replacement every day! Follow Alibaba's return and exchange rules. Please keep the packaging intact and the product clean!  ..
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