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    Instructions for use: 1: Purple frosted stone  It can remove dead skin and aging skin on the face, promote facial skin, and reappear delicate and smooth skin on the face. It can also be used to polish thicker nail layers. 2: Raised ball  The 4 built-in balls can be used for facial massage, blood circulation and gentle massage at any time during the rolling process.(Massage after applying moisturizer or essential oil!) 3: Sponge beauty cotton  After washing your face, you can use this massage head to massage the facial skin again to further relieve the fatigue of the facial skin. 4: Pressed beauty cotton  Combine with facial cleanser or facial cleanser to cleanse facial skin. Wet your face, apply facial cleanser, and use this machine to clean your face, which is not only convenient and comfortable, but also can clean the dirt in the small pores and massage the face at the same time. 5: Soft nylon brush  With the cleanser, it cleans the dirt on the face, and the soft and dense bristles can clean the dirt and dust in the pores when washing the face, giving the face a delicate and soft refreshing enjoyment.    This product is equipped with batteries. Generally, a pair of Nanfu batteries can be used for about half a month. It is recommended to purchase rechargeable batteries for long-term use. In addition, the brush head can be disassembled for easy cleaning. Can be used for a long time! It goes well with lotion and feels comfortable after washing your face. The body of this product cannot be thrown into water. But when you wash your face, it doesn't matter if you hold it with wet hands, it doesn't affect normal use~!   Precautions: 1: Do not use for dry, rough skin allergies and redness. Do not use. 2: When using the cleaning brush, do not press too tightly on the skin, and feel comfortable when using it. 3: Please clean the accessories regularly to ensure the use effect and prolong the service life. 4: Keep children away from accessories. 5: Please clean the machine and accessories after use. Do not use alcohol, gasoline, or abrasive cleaners to clean plastic products. 6: Please place the accessories in clean water for cleaning, and the water temperature should not exceed 50℃ 7: After cleaning, take out the accessories and air dry.  8: If the machine will not be used for a long time, please take out the battery...
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